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Merlin Betas: at your side in the epic quest for better fic.

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Merlin Beta Readers
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BBC Merlin Beta Readers
The sole purpose of this community is to bring writers and beta readers together. The writer/beta relationship is a wonderful thing - for all participants and for the readers.
We are a multi-lingual community now, though the offical language is English. However, we accept requests and offers of all languages. At least, that's the plan. ;D

+Guidelines For Beta Readers
Betas who wish to advertise should make a post in the following format:

Genre you will beta: action, humour, drama, et cetera...
Genre you won't beta: action, humour, drama, et cetera...
Pairings you will beta: Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Morgana, et cetera...
Pairings you won't beta: Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Morgana, et cetera...
Beta strength: grammar, spelling, plot, canon, et cetera...
Beta weakness: grammar, spelling, plot, canon, et cetera...
Length of the fics you'd beta: drabble, multi-chapter, novel-length,et cetera...
Other info: Whatever you think is important. ;)

Betas, please remember to edit your posts when appropriate, eg if you are unavailable for a time, or temporarily too busy to take on longer works. Keep your info up-to-date. Thank you.

+Guidelines For Writers
That should go without saying, but when you ask for a beta reader, do it politely, and provide as much information as possible. When posting a request, please use the following format:

Genre: action, humour, drama, crossover, fluff, kink, slash, het, smut, et cetera...
Pairing, or characters:
Type of beta you'd like: grammar, spelling, plot, canon, et cetera...
Length, or word count:
Short Summary:

Edit your post once you found a beta reader - or two, or as many you need. But please, edit your post when you're settled.
Do NOT post your entire story! There are many other communities out there to post your fics.

+Other things
All tags are positive. That means beta readers are listed by the genre they're going to beta.
All beta readers can say NO to any request. Don’t be offended, people may not have enough time because they’re swamped with projects, or your fic is just not their cup of coffee.
The beta reader master list can be found here.

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